How To Add New House Rental

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Scroll down at the bottom page and click the House Rental > Add New House Rental

  3. Add the Title, Content, and Short Description.

    1. Your Title must be clear and easy to read.
    2. Content must be detailed. Add all important details that you think customers need.
    3. Description. You can add one sentence that will describe your house rental. Ex: “Good for your family and relatives!”
  4. Add Location Settings.

    1. Type to auto search. Or…
    2.  Select from the default options
  5. Add Featured Image

  6. Add your Exact Location Address.

    1. Type your address
    2. Copy paste it on the Map
      Make sure your map address and location map are the same.

      For fast search, add only the name of the resort and choose from the dropdown.

  7. Add Rental Information.

    1. Amenities. Select the equipment or services you offer. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM to prevent false info. If you can’t find the item here, you can add it manually in your Content (see item #3 above).
    2. Suitability. Select the accessibility of your house. If you can’t find the item here, you can add it manually in your Content (see item #3 above).
    3. Detail House Rental Layout. “Default Layout” is good enough but you can always change how it looks.
    4. Number of house. How many houses do you have that is open for rentals?
      • Max. of Adult. What is the maximum number of adult guests can occupy your house.
      • Max. of Children. What is the maximum number of child guests scan occupy your house.
      • Video. If you have a YouTube video upload for your house, you can paste it here.
    5. Gallery. Add as many photos you have for this house. Hold “CTRL” and click in PC or “COMMAND” in MAC to select multiple images.
  8. Add Agent Information.

    1. Choose which contact info will be shown. Your saved information upon registration can be used or select “Use Details Below” if you want other contact details.
    2. House Rental Phone. Please add your area code and make sure it is correct.
      • Add your email address.
      • Add you website if you have.
  9. Add Rental Prices.

    1. Prices. Do not add comma or decimals. Ex: 2000 will be displayed as Php 2,000.00 in your page.
      • Discount Rate. add how many percentage you want to give as a discount.
    2. Sale Schedule. If you select “YES” add the dates you want to give discounts. Ex: Discount Rate: 5%, Sale Schedule: Aug. 12 – 15.  All bookings under that date will have a 5% discount.
    3. Deposit Payment Options. You can give your guests an option to pay only the 50% of the actual price or specific amount.
    4. Deposit Payment Amount. Choose how much percent / amount you want.  Example:
      You choose “By Amount”.  Deposit Payment Amount: Php 1,000. Your guest will only pay 1,000 upon checkout. 

      If “By Percentage”Deposit Payment Amount: 50. Your guests will only pay the 50% of the actual price upon checkout.
      The remaining payments will be paid in your place when you meet in person.
    5. Extra Pricing. Add your extra pricing if you have promotions.Example:
      • 5pax pay only Php 10,500 flat rate for overnight
      • 10pax pay only Php 15,000 for 2 days.
  10. Add Rental Options.

    1. Allow Booking Full Day. Select “ON” if you want your guests to select the whole day when they booked overnight. If “OFF” the 2nd day will be half day.
    2. Booking Period. Default is “0” (zero) day. If you put number 1 and up, it will not be displayed if the visitor searched for today’s date.
    3. Minimum Stay. Choose what is the minimum booking. The default is 1 day.
    4. External Booking / URL. If you select “YES” you can add OTHER website’s booking page.
  11. Choose to Allow Cancellation.

    1. Allow Cancel. If “YES” add other details
    2. Number of days to cancel.
    3. How many percent are you willing to refund.
  12. Choose Payment Settings

    1. Bank Deposit or
    2. via PayPal (add your bank details & PayPal details under your account)
  13. If you’re done, click Save & Preview or Submit House Rental button

  14. if Errors or Warnings Found, you will see this notification. You need to fix the errors (see item #15 below).

  15. Scroll down and Check each tabs for errors.

    1. You will see RED LABELS that indicates an error.
  16.  If everything goes well, you will see Success Message  in green. You’ll have to wait for the admin to verify and approve your post.


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