DirectX 11 Guide for Gamers

DirectX 11 is the next gaming API for windows machines. DirectX is what developers use to design the latest games we are going gaga over.

There are currently 2 DirectX versions in the market: DX9 (compatible with XP and Vista) and DX10 (used only by Vista and Windows 7). Most games developed today are built using DirectX 9 since we all fell in love with Windows XP. Second, only a few gamers prefer Vista as a gaming platform since they didn’t really support gamers that well at the start.

Then there are some games built using DirectX 10 but they still have DirectX 9 compatibility like Crysis. In fact DX9 versions of Crysis were faster than the DX10 versions. Recent games however have perfected the DX10 API usage.

And now that Windows 7 is coming to full bloom, we now have DirectX 11 API. Another weeks of blood and tears for developers and hurray, more eye candy for us gamers! There are 4 major games announced that will support DirectX 11. They are Stalker, Dirt 2, Aliens versus Predator and Battleforge. Some of which have already been released.

For us to use DX11 games that will arrive soon, we first need to have, of course, Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 costs around Php 7,000 so be good little boys and girls so mommy and daddy will get you one.

For gamers who are into Vista, you are lucky since Microsoft will release DX11 soon for Vista. It will arrive anytime soon after Windows 7 is launched. Sad thing for XP users though since you’re stuck with DX9 for the rest of your gaming life kaya you should start considering upgrading your OS to vista or much better to 7.

Now that you have a proper operating system, here’s another wallet buster… you will need a new and shiny video card that supports DirectX 11.

ATI supports DirectX 11 through their Radeon 5000 series products. Nvidia followed with their Fermi based GPUs. ATI currently has Radeon 5870 – the fastest and most expensive single GPU card on the market, 5850, 5770 and 5750. Those new video cards will cost you an arm and leg to acquire.

So here’s my recap, DirectX 11 technology has arrived. It is the next big thing for us adek gamers. To enjoy this wonderful grace from the generous Steve Ballmer “sya po ang leader ng Microsoft ngayon”, we have to purchase a new operating system such as Vista or Windows 7. We will also need a new video card. Buy only ATI Radeon 5000 series cards since the old 4000 series cards only supports DirectX 10.1. Same with Nvidias old and current products.

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