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Hari ng Ahon 2


HARI NG AHON BIKE CHALLENGE SERIES – an unparalleled cycling experience like no other! Now in its second year, this event is tailor-made to ignite your passion for biking and elevate your fitness journey.

Spread throughout the year, our race series boasts five exhilarating challenges set against the stunning backdrop of uphill routes leading to Baguio City. Brace yourself for breathtaking climbs that will truly test your biking skills.

With multiple age categories, there's a spot for every rider. The top ten finishers in each category earn prestigious trophies, but even if you don't make the top ten, you'll proudly wear a coveted finisher's medal and earn well-deserved bragging rights.

Our race is all about inclusivity, welcoming riders of all ages. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you're invited to be part of this extraordinary cycling community.

Join us for the HARI NG AHON BIKE CHALLENGE SERIES – where passion meets adventure, and every pedal takes you closer to greatness!


Event Details

  • Date: Oct. 08, 2023

  • Categories:
    • Individual: ₱1100
    • Executive/Public Servants: ₱1100

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